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    We recently visited Cancun, Mexico. Located on the South part of the Gulf of Mexico. We met really nice people while relaxing and ate some delicious food. Their "Camaron en mantequilla" is a must while visiting their local town shops, swapmeets or mercado..however you want to call it. Really enjoyed the stay, the weather, the views and the vibes. Some of the places we visited and recommend for anyone has to be the Pyramids, Xcaret, Isla Mujeres and all their night life clubs. Hope you enjoy the small clip we made inspired by the Mayan community and inspires you to either go visit or just to make you relax a bit. Hit play and enjoy!

    CANCUN MAYAS from Freddy Santana on Vimeo.


    Check out these street artist from Mexico and how social media is helping them keep art alive.


    Dasic: Street art from South America Artist to NYC to the rest of the world. Enjoy it and get inspired.

    Street Art Exposé: Dasic from DanPerezFilms on Vimeo.


    Check out one of FS biggest inspirations in the tattoo world, Miguel Ochoa. This is latest video on a piece he recently did. Enjoy it and make sure you visit his website and make your tattoo appointment with him.


    Check out this video I came across over at Artists include: Hueman, Vans the Omega, Jet Martinez, Monty Guy, Lady Mags, Joshua Lawyer, Annica Lyndenberg, Helice Wen, Melanie Alves, Houston Berry, Amandalynn Filmed and Edited By Zane Meyer. Music by Glenn Porter: Days 2 Come.

    INAMORATA from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.


    Want to give a big shoutout to Mr. Karlton Phresh for rocking our Humble grey crewneck sweater on his just released music video for his new single, "Champion N Red Pill." This guy has a lot of talent and very hungry to be someone in the music industry. Really excited to see him going after his dream. For believing and trusting in himself and a great honor to be a small part of it. Check the video out and make sure you give him a follow at his instagram "".


    Hello guys! Here is a video of our close friends over at Konsept in Downtown Santa Ana with our guy Karlton and his first show "The Karlton Show." This is the first video of many and first lucky interview was of this great talented guy name Chip Monk. Check out the video as he will show us his talent and will be talking about his inspirations and the meaning of his name Chip Monk. Hope you enjoy it and by the way we were more then happy to be the first sponsors of the show. Roll the curtains!


    If you been waiting on our collaboration release from our family R'Threadz and FS Clothing well the release has been made and jackets have been getting a good response. Make sure you get yours since these jackets are one of a kinds and have been custom made for every style of gentlemen. Goes well layered, as a main piece and comes with hidden pockets. Below are some pictures of our main model for the FS Clothing Chris rocking some of the jackets!

    United Collection x R'Threadz from Freddy Santana on Vimeo.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Came across this video on Youtube of some Parkour and Freerunning and wanted to share it with you guys. Pretty good! Nothing tooop extreme but still a good video. Enjoy!


    We are excited to announce a project that we have been working on with Danny Keo from RumorzKutz and Rthreads. More info of the project will be released on both of our instagrams, Facebook and website. Have a look at our below video showing a little preview of what to expect from this collaboration.

    BlogRTHREADZxFSCLOTHING from Freddy Santana on Vimeo.


    Short video we made for a local artist that donated the piece in the video for the event hosted by Konsept at Chapter One Restaurant this past Tuesday in Downtown Santa Ana. Have a look at the video and this piece was raffled out and has a new home to a lucky winner. All for a good cause. Thank you to everyone that came through and did their part! To all local businesses that contributed and all artist for your donations!

    Eye by Ur Loco Artist Andrew from Freddy Santana on Vimeo.


    Make sure you stop by and at least drop off some change to help out the families of these young girls. There will be a raffle going on and we will be donating some from our FS Familia. Pass the word and just do what you can! We appreciate everyone support!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Konsept is a company dedicated to serving musicians, artists, fashion designers and film makers with a wide variety of services including event coordination, production and marketing. We strive to identify local talent, foster their skills, and launch their career in the entertainment industry.

    Make sure you check one of there many events and projects that they will be hosting, promoting, sponsoring etc. all over Downtown Santa Ana. The below banner will be about their opening of Konsepts merchandise, store and gallery on December 6th with the monthly Art Walk every 1st Saturday of the month. Come out and support while enjoing live performances, art, hair-cuts by Danny from our family team member Rumorz Kutz and much more.

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    Go check out Miguel Ochoa's website for some clean pictures of "Noche de Altares" celebrated this past November 1st in Downtown Santa Ana, CA. This day the event was full of culture, colors, music, art and much more. Make sure you click on either his name link or image and you will be directed to his website and his personal blog. Give him a follow for tattoo work on all social media networks such as InstagramFacebook and website. 

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